Voice Acting has been a lifelong dream for Zach Jenkins and has taken him down many roads. Zach was born and raised in Northern Utah and has always been involved in the arts, from theater to show choir and more; he’s been performing since he was little. While in Utah, he took classes in acting, voice-over, improv, and singing.

Zach graduated from Weber State University where he majored in Communications – Electronic Media, but even on campus, he kept busy being a part of KWCR as a radio show host that turned into a long running podcast, was an anchor at Weber State News, wrote for the newspaper, and more as a way to get more exposure to voice-over and media.

After graduating, Zach Jenkins moved to Dallas, Texas to pursue acting and better climate. He’s now a member of ComedySportz Dallas as a Minor League member and continuing to expand his voice acting abilities.

Zach has a wide range but can sound fun and engaging for commercials, professional for business, but always authentic and conversational. He can sound like the boy next door, bright, energetic, while able to sound like a warm and welcoming young adult and more.

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