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WaterTech Filters

Client: WaterTech Industries
Project Details: Updated insecure Ruby on Rails E-commerce platform that couldn’t be updated to a user updateable secure format with WordPress/Woocommerce while providing easier order fulfillment and accounting and customer tracking.

In order to user updateable, Gravity Forms was used in a conditional multiple choice format that let logged in customers either order the needed parts directly or would allow for parts to be calculated based on number of missionaries in an area and product on-hand in a multi-part, guided setup. This allowed for part and part numbers to be replaced or switched out with updated technology while keeping the original format. By applying it to logged in users, it could also apply specific versions of the form or hide steps depending on if they had access to the products in their area.

Orders would be generated by the form into a Woocommerce order by a custom developed plugin developed by a third party. The order would be added to the users account that could be accessed through a custom dashboard that would allow both missions and their supervisors to see previous orders.

Through notifications and Active Campaign, users would be updated about their orders and previous interactions as well a notify a supervisor that an order had been placed and needed to be verified. The order and previous records would be sync’d through a plugin to Quickbooks Desktop to automatically create a work order and then sync any changes to the order that needed to manually be made.

Additionally, the website had to be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Through WPML, the website was translated individually into each language on all pages. This included all product pages and promotional materials as well as the custom Gravity Form to perform in all languages.

For easier client updates, the theme was created using Elementor, so that any changes to the product line up or site purpose could be updated by the user.

Updated hosting to faster server, added SSL, caching, http/2, and other technologies to make the new website as fast and secure as possible while providing sync with other services being used and greater automation and ease of use.

Category: Web Design/Development
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