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Dinners by Delaine

Client: Dinners By Delaine
Project Details: Custom WooCommerce based for unique business model food company. Made with Divi on WordPress for ease of use of the owner as products have to be swapped out weekly. The business only allows for products to be displayed for only a short amount of time a couple of days a week until they are sold out and can’t have products sold during off periods with a constantly changing menu.

The site includes custom product and category pages that require an always on display cart, a custom cart and checkout, and automatic cache deletion of user carts so no prior unbought products could be bought in an off week and set products to be non-purchaseable until a certain time.

Additionally, the customer can decide on if the selected food is delivered or picked up with additional charges depending on delivery or pickup location.

The business originally used PayPal before switching to a custom payment processor through They also wanted to be able to message customers about order status updates or to text directly through the site about their orders through Twilio.

The business also required custom statements for customers, purchase orders for order prep and purchasing, CSV order exporting, as well as custom invoices to be offered to facilitate order delivery and pickup.

Customized products to have both Quick View with ordering, product variations, and alternative quantity button style.

Allow for Gift Cards to be bought and used at any time, not just during their weekly product reveal.

Category: Web Design/Development
Screenshot 2021 10 03 at 01 29 07 Weekly Menu Dinners By Delaine