Hi, I’m Zach Jenkins. When I say I’m a “Zach of All Trades”, I mean it. I am a web developer and graphic designer, an actor, a blogger, a podcast host, improv comedian, and most of all a problem solver. So much, I have the nickname of “Wizard.”

I’m a Dallas transplant, originally from Utah. Since I was little, I’ve always been obsessed with the arts, media, and more. Expressing myself and solving problems is in my blood. I graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication – Electronic Media and continued on pursuing projects. Simply put, I love learning and challenging myself to new things; I’m always trying to figure things out.

Be it full stack web development, graphics, video, audio, product photography, marketing, and more; I’m the man for the job. All of these skills have always been driven by my passion, voice over. I’ve turned to involve myself in all aspects of production and development to know the ins and outs of the craft. In my spare time, I love movies and anime and doing DIY projects to fix up my house.

So discover more about my projects in Design & Media, hear my demos and clients in Voice-Over, check out my blog for more updates on my life. And if you’d like to know more about my background, feel free to ask for a resume. To hear my take on the entertainment world, check out My Geek Confessions!

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