Multimedia Professional

Zach Jenkins is a media “Jack of all trades” powerhouse with experience in graphic design, web development, marketing, and more; who isn’t afraid of learning new things to help solve clients problems.

Zach’s creativity extends beyond development and design. He’s a voice actor, a blogger, a podcast host, and improv comedian. His ability to think on his feet and attention to detail brings his creativity and skill to any project he’s given.

Check out Zach’s Commercial Voice Over Demo!


With experience in CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, PHP, and more; Zach Jenkins has the skills to design, fix, and optimize websites to make them run at their most efficient.


From Brochures, Flyers, and Products Boxes, to Logos, Spec Sheets, and eBooks; Zach has done it all. Both in B2B and B2C, he’s got the skills to deliver the result that you’re looking for.

Voice Acting

Zach Jenkins is an accomplished voice actor with years of experience and training that’s always looking to grow. He excels at commercial, character, IVR, video games, podcasts, and more. Be sure to listen to his demos here!


Zach has done everything from Ad copy and story boarding to market research and SEO and more to be able to reach target markets. He’s done radio, TV, audio, and video production. Zach’s been able to work with existing brands and match to new content to keep brand identity.

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